CheckLite is a checking account exclusively offered to RCBC's Home Loan and Personal Loan clients. For an affordable opening and maintaining balance, the client may issue three checks per month, free of charge* and access the account 24/7 via RCBC Online Banking facility.

*After the 3rd check per month, a Php30 fee will be collected for every check issued

Product Name Initial Deposit & Maintaining ADB Interest Rate Balance to Earn Interest ATM Card Passbook Checkbook
CheckLite ₱2,500 N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes

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    • Available to RCBC'S Home Loan and Personal Loan borrowers only
    • Is non-interest bearing
    • Comes with a checkbook
    • Easy access via RCBC Online Banking facility
    • Check clearing is done through PCHC’s Check Image Clearing System (CICS)*
    • Will be subject to account closure upon any of the following:
      1. One (1) returned check due to insufficient funds
      2. One (1) returned check due to uncollected deposit
      3. One (1) returned check due to Stop Payment Order (SPO)
      4. Balance is below Php1,000

    * CICS is an electronic payment system mandated by the PCHC where the image and information on the check is digitally captured by the bank receiving the check for deposit and electronically negotiated to the paying bank.

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    • Falling Below Minimum ADB – ₱500
    • Early Closure Fee – ₱500
    • Additional Check Fee (After the 3rd check per month) – ₱30
    • Checkbook Issuance / Reorder – ₱240
    • Bouncing Check- Penalty Charges - ₱2,000 + ₱200 for every ₱40,000 check amount per day
    • Bank Certification – ₱250
    • Bank Guarantee Fee – ₱200
    • Bank Statement Print-out– ₱11/ page
    • Fee for Retrieval of Check Image from Branch – ₱600 (3 days); ₱100 (7 days)
    • OTC Peso Check Encashment (Interregional) - ₱100
    • OTC Peso Cash Deposit (Interregional) - ₱50

    *As of April 2019 subject to change

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