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About RCBC
11/04/2016   RCBC Net Income at P3.50 billon for the First Nine Months of 2016
08/05/2016  RCBC to pay BSP 1B
08/02/2016 RCBC gets ratings upgrade from Fitch
07/30/2016   RCBC 1H 2016 Net Income at 2.6 Billion
05/2016 Stay informed! Key things to know about our Q1 results
05/02/2016 RCBC 1Q 2016 Net Income at P1.8 Billion, up 12% Lending Up By +12%
04/2016 RCBC: Still one of the top banks in Philippine Banking System
04/2016 Customers express full-support to RCBC
04/2016 Top Two Shareholders of RCBC buy extra $9.48M worth of stock
04/2016 RCBC: Biggest Funder of Southeast Asia's Largest Solar Farm
03/23/2016 Apology Letter
03/09/2016   Statement of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
02/15/2016   RCBC Posts P5.1 Billion Net Income for FY 2015, Up 15% - Core Lending Up By 18%
10/24/2016   SEC Advisory: 419 Scam
10/20/2016   SEC Advisory: JUST 950
10/04/2016   SEC Advisory: ASHOKFX
07/27/2016   SEC Advisory: Pyramid Marketing/Investment Taking Activities in Palawan
07/26/2016   SEC Advisory: My Science of Success Marketing Inc.
07/19/2016   SEC Advisory: Lucky9 Lives Marketing Corporation
07/04/2016   SEC Advisory: Affinity Investment Group
06/28/2016   SEC Advisory: Dollar International Investment Program
05/24/2016   SEC Advisory: Pedvel Marketing
05/19/2016   SEC Advisory: Shopper's Circle
05/17/2016   SEC Advisory: FarmOn Agricultural Production
04/29/2016   SEC Advisory: Pretty Pinkholdings Co. Inc
04/07/2016   SEC Advisory: Dragon One Network Trends Corporation

11/09/2015   RCBC Net Income at 3.64 Billion as of 3Q 2015, up 21%
10/27/2015   RCBC Raises USD 320 Million 5.25 Year Bonds
09/21/2015   RCBC Signs USD 280 Million 3-year Syndicated Term Loan Facility
07/24/2015   RCBC USD 200 Million 3-year Syndicated Term Loan Facility
07/15/2015   RCBC 1H 2015 Net Income up by 25% at P2.53 Billion
05/05/2015   RCBC 1Q 2015 Net Income at P1.6 Billion, up 21 % Lending up by +19%
03/04/2015   RCBC Posts P4.41 Billion Net Income for FY2014
09/28/2015   SEC Advisory: Alliance of Networkers of the Phils. Organization (ANPO)
09/22/2015   SEC Advisory: Starnet Lifestyle General Traning Inc
08/11/2015   SEC Advisory: Forward Direct Selling Corporation
07/31/2015   SEC Advisory: Klikmart Shopping Club
07/31/2015   SEC Advisory: Grandtime Automobile Inc.
07/20/2015   SEC Advisory: Success200 International Marketing Corporation, AKA Success200
07/16/2015   SEC Advisory: F.L.A.G. Prosperity Marketing Inc. aka Freedom Life Advanced Global Prosperity Marketing Inc.
07/13/2015 RCBC Exhibits Green Banking Mural
07/13/2015 SEC Advisory: Warning on Unauthorized Deposit-Taking Activities
05/14/2015 RCBC TeleMoney increases domestic presence with Palawan Pawnshop
05/14/2015 RCBC TeleMoney increases domestic presence with Palawan Pawnshop
04/30/2015 RCBC fosters partnership with Japanese clients
04/30/2015 RCBC joins PNOY in PSE's Bell Ringing
04/29/2015 RCBC's Tan- Reach out to the Unbanked Sector
04/20/2015 RCBC and Cathay Life close equity investment deal
04/08/2015 RCBC launches Touch Q Lobby Management System
04/01/2015 RCBC-Resona Group partnership generates more Japanese investments
03/04/2015 HYD among Forbes Asia's 50 Power Businesswomen of Asia

11/13/2014   RCBC Posts P3.01 Billion Net Income as of 3Q 2014
08/28/2014   RCBC announces early closing of its 5.375% Unsecured Subordinated Tier 2 Notes due 27 Sept. 2024
08/26/2014   RCBC announces reopening of its 5.375% Unsecured Subordinated Tier 2 Notes due 27 Sept. 2024
08/13/2014   RCBC Post P2.022 Billion Net Income for 1H 2014 Lending Up By +18%, Deposit By +22%
06/19/2014   RCBC closes Tier 2 offer period early
06/09/2014   RCBC to commence public offering of Basel III Compliant Unsecured Subordinated Tier 2 Notes
05/08/2014   RCBC Posts P1.329 Billion Net Income for Q1 2014
02/10/2014   RCBC Posts P5.312 Billion Net Income for FY 2013
07/14/2014 Manila's "It Girls" making the smart move with RCBC
05/09/2014 RCBC Savings Bank eases auto finance loan process with ACTO
04/29/2014 Save easy, Save effortlessly with RCBC iSave
04/29/2014 Purchasing properties now easier with RCBC Telepay and Italpinas
04/28/2014 RCBC gives CAVITEX motorists the MyWallet convenience of toll payment
04/16/2014 RCBC Bankard bags Retail Banker International Trailblazer Award
04/15/2014 RCBC preps up for ASEAN Economic Integration
04/01/2014 RCBC signs P3-B finance facility with North Luzon Renewable Energy Corp.
03/04/2014 RCBC grants a 3-year $100 million term refinancing facility to HHIC Phils.
01/28/2014 RCBC Securities Launches New Online Trading Platform EzTrade
01/23/2014 HYD is among People Asia's People of the Year for 2014
01/23/2014 RCBC IT Head cited by the Wallstreet Journal
01/13/2014 RCBC signs business cooperation agreement with Hong Kong's The Bank of East Asia