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Rizal Unit Investment Trust Funds
As of January 18, 2017
Rizal Peso Money Market Fund1.467060
Rizal Peso Cash Management Fund1.036716
Rizal Peso Bond Fund1.792963
Rizal Balanced Fund1.902242
Rizal Equity Fund3.518967
Rizal Dollar Money Market Fund1.349054
Rizal Dollar Bond Fund1.626548
As of January 17, 2017
Rizal Global Equity Feeder Fund1.048024
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The Rizal UITF Rizal Unit Investment Trust Funds

RCBC Trust and Investments recognizes the distinct needs and preferences of each client when it comes to investments. We offer a wide array of the Rizal Unit Investment Trust Funds ("Rizal UITFs") with varying investment portfolios suited to different types of investors. The Funds are especially ideal for investors who do not have the time or the expertise: Our certified UITF marketing personnel will be happy to assist you in determining which among the Rizal UITFs is suitable to your investment objectives, investment knowledge/experience, risk preference, liquidity requirements, and investment horizon.

Why invest in the Rizal UITFs?

Rizal UITFs are not deposits or obligations of and are not guaranteed, issued or insured by RCBC or its affiliates or subsidiaries. UITFs are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to the nature of the investments, yields and potential yields are not and cannot be guaranteed. The securities held by the UITF, including the investments in government securities, are subject to market fluctuations and price volatility, which can cause the NAVPU to move upwards or downwards depending on prevailing market conditions. Any income or loss arising from such market fluctuations and price volatility is for the account of the investor. As such, units of participation of the investor in the UITF, when redeemed, may be worth more or worth less than the initial investment/contributions made. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of future results. The Trustee is not and shall not be liable for any losses of the Fund, except those resulting from willful default, bad faith or gross negligence.


For inquiries and more details, please call Trust and Investments Group - Marketing Division at (632) 894-9049, (632) 894-9870, (632) 894,9006 or (632) 878-3315 to 16 or visit any RCBC branch.