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About RCBC

RCBC Enterprise Banking is an internet banking facility for your corporate accounts. We offer ultimate banking convenience through the following functionalities:

Accounts Inquiry Displays real-time available and current balance for each enrolled account/s. For easy viewing, the account/s is grouped per currency to facilitate monitoring and tracking cash positions.
Transaction History
Displays transactions for the selected account. Corporate clients can view, print or download their transactions for the day up to the previous two (2) calendar months.
Funds Transfer
A facility to transfer funds 1) within enrolled accounts, 2) from an enrolled account to another RCBC account and 3) from an enrolled account to another local or foreign bank account. Client can opt to transfer funds immediately or post-dated, i.e. transfer date is later than the request date.
Check Manager
A facility to inquire the status of all post-dated checks entrusted to RCBC for safekeeping online real time. Come due date, the post dated checks will be automatically deposited to the designated account. Corporate users can also put on hold or cancel the deposit of the post-dated check.
Supplier Payment
This is a facility to pay suppliers more conveniently via MC, credit to an RCBC account or other bank account.
Checkbook Reorder
A facility to reorder checkbooks without having to physically go to the branch. To provide utmost convenience, checkbooks can be picked up from any RCBC branch nationwide.
Stop Payment Order
Allows corporate clients to request stop payment of a particular check.
SSS Payments
Remittance of Social Security System (SSS) Contributions and Loan Amortizations. Allows corporate client/s to remit employees and employer contributions and loan payments to SSS.
Rates Inquiry
Inquire on the latest foreign exchange and deposit rates.
Market Analysis
Viewing of RCBC's latest financial advisory and investment tips.