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Agent Collection via Pick-up at Premises (or Deposit Pick-up)
Through this facility, RCBC's fleet of armored cars are dispatched to the customer's outlets or offices to pick-up funds. Pick-up of funds may be on weekends, weekdays and even during holidays. A Daily Collection Report containing the collection details is generated and transmitted via e-mail.

Bills Collection
Through this facility, billers or merchants can efficiently and conveniently collect payments from their payers/customers through RCBCs strategically located branches and EBiz Centers nationwide, AccessOne Internet Facility, RCBC Phonebanking or RCBC Mobile Banking. Payments will be credited centrally to the billers/merchants account online, real time either in local currency or USD. A daily collection report summarizing all collections received may be transmitted electronically via email, or may be viewed through the RCBC Enterprise Banking Internet Facility.

Client billers/merchants may enroll through any of the following collection channels:
  1. Over the counter
  2. Bills Payment Machine (BPM)
  3. Internet Banking (RCBC AccessOne)
  4. Auto Debit Arrangement
  5. RCBC Phone Banking
  6. Mobile Banking
  7. Bancnet Channels such as ATM, Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Bancnet Online (BOL)
Night Depository Box
Night Depository Boxes are placed in selected branches across the country for cash deposits done way beyond cut-off time. Depositors can simply drop their cash and check deposits in secured metal boxes outside the branch. The customer's deposit confirmation will be sent manually a day after.

Check Manager
This facility is available for corporate customers who manage large volume of post-dated checks. Safekeeping or custodianship of post-dated checks are outsourced to RCBC. All checks will be safe kept in vaults and will be pulled out as the checks mature. The status of the PDCs in RCBCs custody may be viewed or monitored online through the Enterprise Banking Internet Facility.

Automatic Debit Arrangement
Automatic Debit Arrangement is a collection channel through our Corporate Internet Banking that facilitates the collection of bills/dues of our clients/partnered billers by automatically debiting the payor's RCBC account enrolled in the ADA Facility.

Client biller can choose any one of the following types of collection services:
  1. Biller initiated collections and Biller's Defined Amounts
  2. Biller initiated collections and Payor's Defined Amounts
  3. Payor's Defined Payment Frequency and Amount