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Revolving Credit Line
A facility that can be used to finance general working capital requirements of a business (i.e. inventory financing, production expenses, day-to-day expenditure, etc.) Each loan availment is normally for a maximum of 360 days.

Standby Letters of Credit
Used primarily by product distributors and retailers to guarantee payments for goods purchased from their suppliers on credit.

Import and Domestic Letters of Credit
Guarantees that a payment is made to a seller as soon as certain conditions are complied by the buyer. This effectively facilitates the exchange of goods from both foreign and domestic suppliers to local buyers.

Trust Receipt Financing
This facility is accessed to give clients enough time to further process their raw materials, sell goods at attractive terms, and manage their collection activities.

Export Advance and Foreign Bills Purchase Facility
This covers production loans needed to purchase inputs and fulfill export commitments. It also works as a bridge facility that allows access to funds even before actual collection from the foreign buyer.

Pre-Delivery and Post-Delivery Financing
Mainly utilized by local borrowers to finance business expenditures at the production stage, and while waiting for collections from customers who purchased goods on credit.

Medium and Long Term Loans
This can be secured by expanding businesses either for plant expansion, upgrading or purchasing new equipment, and/or embarking on other capital expenditures needed to grow the revenue generating capabilities of a business.