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To become an RCBC Cash Express partner merchant,
kindy submit the following documents:

  1. SEC Registration & By Laws
  2. Secretary’s Certificate
  3. Mayor’s Permit
  4. Form 2303
  5. General Information Sheet
  6. Valid IDs

You may submit the documents via these options:

Upload the documents along with this application form
E-mail the documents to
Send the documents through Viber (Name: RCBC Cash Express,
Mobile Number: +639669046087)


SEC Registration & By Laws:

For SEC Registration & By Laws, please upload a PDF file.

Upload PDF Size Limit 2MB
Secretary’s Certificate: Upload JPG Size Limit 2MB
Mayor’s Permit: Upload JPG Size Limit 2MB
Form 2303: Upload JPG Size Limit 2MB
General Information Sheet: Upload JPG Size Limit 2MB
Valid ID: Upload JPG Size Limit 2MB

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