YGC Rewards Plus

Get that ultimate Credit and Rewards Card for your shopping and saving needs.
A special offer for RCBC Depositors.

  1. Earn More Points
    • With just an additional P1,000 savings every month on your RCBC Savings/Checking account, you can start earning points.
      • Earn points when you use your YGC Reward Plus RCBC Bankard.
      • Earn points when you avail of RCBC Savings Bank housing and auto loans.
      • Earn points when you avail of Malayan insurance products.

  2. Enjoy More Benefits:

  3. Flexible and Non-Expiring Rewards
    • Choose the way you want to be rewarded-in airmiles, shopping vouchers, cash credit to your YGC Rewards Plus RCBC Bankard, donation, cash rebate, deposit to your RCBC account or through RCBC manager's check.

  4. Travel Benefits
    • Free travel insurance and purchase protection, access to airport lounges, and 0% installment on purchases abroad.

  5. Unli 0 % Installments
    • Convert straight purchases to 3 months installments 0% interest.

  6. Free Annual Membership Fee for the first year
    • Enjoy more without the hassle of unnecessary fees.

  • +

    Additional benefits for RCBC Depositors

    • Platinum Mastercard:
      • Coupon for free inter-regional cash deposit
      • Coupon for free debit card (for ATM accounts only)
      • Coupon for free check book oder
      • Coupon for free manager's check order
      • Coupon for free bank certification
      • Free gift
      • Welcome points

      Gold Visa:
      • Coupon for free inter-regional cash deposit
      • Coupon for free debit card (for ATM accounts only)
      • Free gift
      • Welcome points

    To qualify: Minimum of 10,000 monthly ADB

    Points Earned: 1 point for every incremental P1,000 ADB on top of 10,000 ADB

    Points Value: 1 point Php 0.25 Points will be awarded at the end of each month

Application is subject to Bankard Requirements and Approval.
Terms and Conditions Apply.

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