MyWallet Visa
Loading Fee (thru RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank Branches) 20.00
Balance Inquiry 10.00
Cash Drawing 50.00
Fund Transfer* 20.00
Balance Inquiry thru RCBC Savings Bank ATMs 1.00
Cash Drawing thru RCBC Savings Bank ATMs 2.00
Fund Transfer from RCBC Account to
RCBC MyWallet*
Fund Transfer - RCBC Acct. to MyWallet* 10.00
Via Bancnet ATMs
Balance Inquiry 2.00
Cash Drawing 14.00
Fund Transfer from RCBC MyWallet to
RCBC MyWallet*
Fund Transfer from RCBC Account to
RCBC MyWallet*
Via Visa ATMs
Balance Inquiry 50.00
Cash Withdrawal 150.00
Via RCBC Online Banking
Balance Inquiry Waived
Fund Transfer Waived
Other Processing Fees
Visa Purchase Fee 150.00
Inactivity Fee** 200.00
Card Replacement 150.00
Transaction Limits
Deposit / Credits 100,000.00
ATM Cash Withdrawal
Single Transaction 50,000.00
Daily Transaction 50,000.00
Bills Payment 50,000.00
Fund Transfer 50,000.00
Over-the-counter Cash Withdrawal 100,000.00
POS/e-Commerce Purchase 100,000.00
*Fund transfer transactions are charged to source account.
**Inactivity Fee will be applied on the last day of the 13th month and every month thereafter. Fees, charges and transaction limits are subject to change.
The value stored in RCBC MyWallet Visa is not a deposit account and is not insured by PDIC.

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