Product Overview

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    What is the RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    The RCBC MyWallet Visa card is a reloadable multi-purpose prepaid stored value card which offers the flexibility of managing your day-to-day financial transactions with the added convenience of access to the worldwide Visa network. With this prepaid stored value card, you spend only what you have loaded in the card, thus, preventing you from overspending!

    You can also use your MyWallet Visa card to settle bills (i.e., Meralco, Globe/ Smart, credit cards, etc.) via cashless payments and may still perform usual transactions like an ATM card does.

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    How do I avail the RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    Just visit any RCBC Branch nationwide. Simply fill-out the enrollment form, present one (1) valid photo-bearing identification card, pay the Visa card purchase fee of Php150.00 and the initial loading amount of Php120.00, of which the Php100.00 can be withdrawn while the P20 is for the loading fee.

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    How does my RCBC MyWallet Visa card work?

    Because it is a prepaid card, spending is limited to the amount of money you load in the card, thus, preventing you from overspending. Plus, because it carries the Visa logo, you can use it anywhere Visa cards are accepted worldwide. Each time you use your card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your MyWallet Visa card balance.

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    Where can I use my RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    Your MyWallet Visa card is accepted at over 70,000 Visa-accredited merchants and over 18,000 BancNet POS merchants in the Philippines. You can also transact at over 29 million Visa merchants and 1.4 million ATM locations worldwide. If you don't see the logos, just ask "Do you accept Visa or BancNet cards?"

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    What transactions can I perform with the RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    Through the MyWallet Visa card, you can perform the following transactions:

    • Draw Cash. Via RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank and BancNet ATMs nationwide and through Visa ATMs worldwide. RCBC MyWallet Visa cardholders may likewise draw funds via RCBC Branch upon presentment of acceptable identification card.
    • Inquire on Load Balance. Via RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank and BancNet ATMs nationwide and through Visa ATMs worldwide. RCBC MyWallet Visa cardholders may likewise inquire funds via RCBC Online or Mobile Banking.
    • Pay Bills. Via RCBC Online or Mobile Banking, RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank and other BancNet ATMs.
    • Cash reload from Savings/ Checking account to MyWallet Card.
    • Send money to your loved ones in the province or to any location within the Philippines.

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    Is there an initial load amount required to activate my RCBC MyWallet Visa card?

    Yes. The cardholder is required to load Php120.00 upon purchasing the MyWallet Visa card to activate it. The Php100.00 is readily available for withdrawal while the Php20 is for the loading fee.

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    Is there a required maintaining balance on the MyWallet Visa Card?

    None. The cardholder may exhaust up to the last centavo of the card. However, a cardholder can only load up to Php100,000.00 per month regardless of how many MyWallet card he/she has.

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    Does a MyWallet Visa card earn interest?

    The MyWallet Visa card and the value stored therein is not a deposit account. Thus, it does not earn interest and is not insured with Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Loading and Withdrawal

Making a Purchase

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    How can I do POS purchase with my RCBC MyWallet Visa?

    Simply present your RCBC MyWallet Visa to the merchant as payment of the product or service to be availed. Merchant can either let you sign the transaction slip or ask you to key in your PIN number to complete the transaction. Also, for added security, merchant can also require you to present any valid ID for additional validation.

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    How can I do online purchase with my RCBC MyWallet Visa?

    Ensure that you are transacting with a secure and Visa accredited online merchant. When shopping is complete or checking out, choose Visa as mode of payment. Merchant will request you to fill in required fields for validation such as name, expiry date, security code (3 digit code found at the back of the card), etc to complete the transaction.

    Once transaction is successfully done, you’ll receive an SMS notification for your online purchase. This way, you can detect any potential unauthorized transaction. Should you choose not to receive the transaction alert, please call our Customer Care hotline 877-7222. You may also enable this again by calling our Customer Care.

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    What currency will be displayed / dispensed if I am transacting abroad?

    If you're using MyWallet Visa card abroad for purchases, inquiry or withdrawal, the local currency of the country where the card is used shall be applied. The conversion rate to be used shall be determined by the Visa International.

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    Is there a transaction charge each time I use my MyWallet Visa Card?

    There are no transaction fees for purchases made at any BancNet or Visa accredited merchants. However, a minimum charge will be deducted from your card every time you withdraw from any non-RCBC, BancNet, Megalink, Expressnet or other Visa member bank ATM terminals. In addition, a convenience fee of Php20.00 will be charged every time you load your MyWallet Visa card regardless of the amount.

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    What should I do if my MyWallet Visa card is declined?

    If a transaction is declined, the merchant will let you know. To avoid inconvenience, please keep track of your load balance by inquiring through the various channels mentioned above

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    How long can I use my MyWallet Visa card?

    You can make purchases using your MyWallet Visa card until the expiration date indicated on the face of the card. Once the card is expired, the account shall automatically be closed. Any remaining amount as of the expiration date can be claimed or transferred to a new MyWallet Visa card by visiting your branch of account.

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    What if my card gets captured at an ATM machine abroad? What should I do?

    Captured Card Policy for internationally issued Prepaid Card is to cut/destroy the card and it should no longer be returned to the issuing bank. Hence, if your MyWallet Visa card gets captured abroad, replacement card should be requested immediately.

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    When is a MyWallet Visa card considered as inactive?

    The MyWallet Visa card shall be considered inactive if there is no financial activity after twelve (12) consecutive months from its activation or the last transaction date. Inactive card is subject to a monthly maintenance fee of Php200.00 starting on the 13th month inactivity. But, if no amount can be deducted from the MyWallet Visa card, cardholder must pay over-the-counter to continue usage of the card.

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    What is the number to call in case of problems / complaints?

    Any complaint / problem encountered can be reported to RCBC Customer Contact Center at 877-7222, Domestic Toll-free 1-800-10000-7222 and International Toll-Free IAC+800-8888-7222.