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    What is RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    The RCBC MyDebit Mastercard is RCBC’s debit card linked to your deposit account. It gives you the convenience to shop without worries. You don’t need to withdraw or bring cash while doing your shopping or grocery whether here in the Philippines or abroad. Similar to a credit card, you can simply use your debit card for any retail or online purchases. Plus it allows you to control your spending based on your available account balance.

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    What are the requirements to avail of this product?

    In order to avail of the product, you just need to go to the branch and open an account. Don’t forget to bring with you the following:

    • A minimum PhP3,000 initial deposit for account opening
    • One (1) valid photo-bearing government-issued identification card
    • Proof of address

    In addition to these requirements, you just have to completely fill out the account opening forms available in any RCBC branch.

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    Where can I avail the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    You may avail your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard at any RCBC branch.

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    How is RCBC MyDebit Mastercard different from my existing ATM card?

    You may now use your MyDebit Card in over 38 million MasterCard affiliated establishments and online merchants. This will allow you to use your card for all kinds of purchases, not only for ATM transactions.

    Aside from this, transactions are more secure since all MyDebit Mastercard have an EMV chip, that contains the information needed to use the card for payment and is protected by various security features.

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    How do I activate my RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    You simply need to change the default PIN at any RCBC ATM.

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    What happens if I don’t activate my RCBC MyDebit MasterCard?

    You will not be able to do any card-related financial transactions while your card is inactive.

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    What do I need to do if I lost my RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    Immediately advise RCBC Customer Care or visit any RCBC branch for assistance in card blocking and replacement.

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    I inputted three (3) incorrect PIN today and I cannot use my card. Do I need to have my card replaced?

    No. Provided that you still remember your PIN, you may use your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard the next calendar day.

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    If I forgot my PIN, what should I do?

    If you forgot your PIN, you will need to visit any RCBC branch to assist you and have your card replaced.

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    How can I change my existing PIN?

    You can change your PIN at any RCBC ATM and perform PIN Change. Just do these easy steps:

    • Insert your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard, select MORE, then select PIN CHANGE.
    • Enter your current PIN, then enter your NEW PIN. You will need to re-enter your new PIN and confirm. Once done, your PIN has been successfully changed.
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    How much is the maximum spending limit using the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    To fully enjoy the benefits of having an RCBC MyDebit Mastercard, the daily spending limit is set at PhP100,000. While, the daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is set at Php50,000 and Php20,000 limit is set per transaction.

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    How much are the balance inquiry and withdrawal fees using the RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    RCBC MyDebit Mastercard clients will enjoy free of charge balance inquiry and withdrawal transactions in all RCBC and RCBC Savings Bank ATMs.

    You may also inquire your balance in any Bancnet ATMs nationwide for a minimal fee of PhP2.00 and PhP14.00 for every cash withdrawal.

    With RCBC MyDebit Mastercard, you can also do balance inquiry and cash withdrawal through Mastercard ATMs worldwide with PhP50.00 and PhP150.00 fee respectively.

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    If my card was lost / captured / damaged, how can I request for card replacement?

    You just need to visit any RCBC branch for assistance. There’s a replacement fee of PhP110.

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    How can I keep track of my card’s activity?

    RCBC Online Banking provides you with access to your card activity and account information anytime and anywhere. You can view and check your card purchases, payments, ATM usage, and deposits.

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    How can I do POS purchase with my RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    Simply present your RCBC MyDebit Mastercard to the merchant as payment of the product or service to be availed. Merchant can either let you sign the transaction slip or ask you to key in your PIN number to complete the transaction. Also, for added security, merchant can also require you to present any valid ID for additional validation.

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    How can I do online purchase with my RCBC MyDebit Mastercard?

    Ensure that you are transacting with a secure and Mastercard accredited online merchant. When shopping is complete or checking out, choose Mastercard as mode of payment. Merchant will request you to fill in required fields for validation such as name, expiry date, security code (3 digit code found at the back of the card), etc to complete the transaction.

    Once transaction is successfully done, you’ll receive an SMS notification for your online purchase. This way, you can detect any potential unauthorized transaction. Should you choose not to receive the transaction alert, please call our Customer Care hotline 877-7222. You may also enable this again by calling our Customer Care.