RCBC FlexiSavers

The power to choose is yours! Customize your savings account
and decide how you will maintain it.

Product Description

RCBC FlexiSavers is a customizable savings account
that will allow clients to choose features best fit for their needs and demands.

Choose your own account features!

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    Average Daily Balance - BASED FlexiSavers

    Define your account’s required Average Daily Balance (ADB) based on your desired features:

    Table 1: RCBC FlexiSavers - ADB-Based

    Debit Card OnlyPHP 3,000.00
    Debit Card and PassbookPHP 25,000.00

    Note: Client may choose any of the two or both features above.

    Card ProtectPHP 5,000.00
    Personal Accident InsurancePHP 15,000.00

    Note: Client may choose any of the two or both features above.

    Personal Accident Insurance – An insurance program that provides indemnity to the accountholder in the event of accidental death or injuries.

    Card Protect – An insurance program made to protect the accountholder's hard-earned money from untoward events like robbery and hold-up.

    The sum of the ADB requirements of your chosen features will be your initial deposit and maintaining balance.

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    FEE-BASED FlexiSavers

    Pay the annual fee to maintain your savings account with no balance requirement and additional charges at all:

    Table 2: RCBC FlexiSavers – Fee-Based

    Flexi VariantRequired Annual Fee
    Debit Card OnlyPHP 300.00
    Debit Card and PassbookPHP 600.00

    Note: Client can only choose one variant.

    Here’s a list of all possible ADB-BASED combinations:

    Plan TypeADB RequirementDebit CardPassbookCard Protect InsurancePersonal Accident InsuranceSummary
    ADB-APHP 30,000.00YesYesYesYesDebit Card and Passbook + Card Protect + PA
    ADB-BPHP 25,000.00YesYes-YesDebit Card and Passbook + PA
    ADB-CPHP 15,000.00YesYesYes-Debit Card and Passbook + Card Protect
    ADB-DPHP 25,000.00YesYes--Debit Card and Passbook
    ADB-EPHP 23,000.00Yes-YesYesDebit Card + Card Protect + PA
    ADB-FPHP 18,000.00Yes--YesDebit Card + PA
    ADB-GPHP 8,000.00Yes-Yes-Debit Card + Card Protect
    ADB-HPHP 3,000.00Yes---Debit Card Only

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