Company's Policies

Learning and Development

RCBC is committed to provide a strong learning and development platform for all employees across all job levels. HRG continued to strengthen the talent pipeline and brought further competencies on the job by facilitating various training programs and seminars benefiting 5,640 employees addressing the competencies of Leadership, Customer Service, Sales Planning and Management, Product Knowledge, Risk Management and Technical Skills while, a total of 195 employees were enrolled in a number of specialized/IT external training programs. HRG also conducted Coaching workshops as we promote a coaching culture across the organization.

The Bank's effort to provide careers to new graduates and to ensure an effective talent development resulted to deployment of 12 Officers Development Program (ODP) graduates to junior officer positions across the Bank. In June 2014, the 6th batch of ODP commenced with 13 selected trainees. On the same month, HRG in partnership rcbc | 2014 annual report 19 with Operations Group commenced with the fourth batch of the General Operations Learning and Development (GOLD) Program with 5 selected trainees. The 6-month program aims to develop a pool of junior officers with strong operations background and risk orientation.

HRG in collaboration with management continues to subscribe to the Bank's Succession Planning Program. This is to ascertain that the organization has a deep bench of internal candidates ready to assume higher leadership responsibilities. We continue to provide follow through training programs for the graduates of the Leadership Development Program (LDP), an internal training program which aims to develop highly competent, effective and performance-driven leaders for the Bank. The LDP was designed in partnership with John Clements Consultants, Inc. and Harvard Business Publishing.

To further deepen the leadership bench, the third batch of the Middle Management Development Program (MMDP) was conducted. This is a 6-month internal training program which aims to accelerate the development of our next generation of leaders. The MMDP was designed in partnership with the De La Salle University, Center for Professional Development in Business and Economics (CPDBE).

The Retail Bank Learning Academy on its 4th run aims to develop highly competent, credible and productive Retail bankers and leaders. This will allow a sustainable supply of branch personnel, equipped and trained to provide quality service.

Health, Safety and Welfare

RCBC is committed to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Procedures are in place to protect all associates from generally recognized workplace hazards such as fire, earthquake, robberies and other natural and man-made calamities. The Bank likewise has various substance abuse and health & safety policies, as well as inspection and search procedures.

Substance Abuse and Health and Safety Policies

Employees who work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol present a safety and operational hazard to themselves and their colleagues as well as pose a risk to the trustworthy and professional image of the Bank. The Bank also promotes the health and safety of its employees and their families, through the following policies: RCBC's Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Programs, Policy Against Alcohol Abuse, Policy on Off-Duty Substance Abuse, Family Welfare Policy, TB Workplace Program, HIV/AIDS Workplace Program

Inspection and Search Procedures

Employees are mandated to notify security personnel if they see anything suspicious, including the presence of strangers and unattended bags or packages on the premises.

Employees are likewise mandated to subject themselves, their personal belongings and the Bank assets under Bank custody to intensive inspection and search procedures by security personnel, upon entering, while within and upon leaving Bank premises.

Bank premises include parking lots, whether owned or leased by the Bank. Personal belongings shall pockets, bags, storage media, cars and any other personal property that may be used as repository of cash, jewelry, documents, keys, data and other valuable items.

Employee Welfare and Well-Being

In 2014, the Human Resources Group has undertaken the following activities to continuously promote the health, safety and welfare of RCBC employees.

  • Achieved full compliance of the mandatory requirements set by DOLE regarding Occupational and Safety Health Standards.
  • Maintained its partnership with Maxicare, the Bank’s HMO provider, in giving health and medical services in accordance to the benefits being enjoyed by employees. Services provided include:
    • Hospitalization and emergency care with 1,184 availments for employees and 2,367 availments for dependents;
    • Executive Check-Up for employees with total cost of over Php21 Million;
    • Outpatient consultation services for employees with 5,885 availments;
    • In addition, employees and dependents availed of free check-up and consultation in various clinics and Primary Care Facilities located in major cities such as Makati, Ortigas, Alabang, Manila and Quezon City. For provincial business centers, employees and their dependents enjoyed the services of Maxicare accredited clinics and hospitals.
  • The Bank also partnered with Sunlife Grepa Financial Inc. in utilizing the clinic located at the RCBC Plaza to service more than 1,100 employees based at the Head Office. Moreover, a clinic, with regular visiting doctors, was set-up at the RSB Corporate Center in BGC to give free check-up and consultation services to more than 500 employees at said location.
  • The Bank also provided the following benefits to employees:
    • Corporate wellness activities and bulletins on various health and medical topics aligned with trending issues, DOH and DOLE Programs;
    • First aid, safety and life support trainings, fire and earthquake seminars for employees;
    • Purified water, refrigerator and microwave oven in all floors of the Head Office and RSB Corporate Center, as well as the business centers;
    • Pre-employment physical and medical examination for new hires;
    • Random drug testing for employees;
    • Vaccination – Requisitioned 936 flu and 93 cervical cancer vaccines for employees' consumption;
    • Post disaster support teams – Provided group coaching to 21 employees based in Tacloban and Ormoc, to help them psychologically and emotionally recuperate and positively progress from the Yolanda catastrophe; provided immediate relocation to affected employees in Tacloban.
    • Sports and wellness – To promote physical fitness, the Bank sponsored various sports activities participated by employees from Head Office and Metro Manila business centers. The Bank funded the intercolor basketball in April, badminton in May, bowling in June, and volleyball in December. Sporting events were also sponsored for provincial business centers nationwide.
    • Precautionary measures – Since Management recognizes the precarious situation of employees in areas affected by natural calamities and manmade adversities, it has always been keen on immediately issuing work suspension orders in such perilous areas during fortuitous events.
  • Lastly, Management has always recognized that people are its most important asset. Hence, the Bank budgeted Php95 million or 36% of the total HR Budget in 2014 for employee health benefits alone, a clear indication of its paramount commitment in maintaining employee welfare and well-being.