Company's Policies

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

All employees are governed by the Bank's Code of Conduct, which revolves around the Core Values of the company. It is designed to serve as a guide to employees on how they should conduct themselves within and outside the Bank premises and in dealing with clients/customers and co-associates

The Code of Conduct is made available in the company's intranet and discussed during the employee orientation program of newly hired employees. The Human Resources Group in conjunction with the line managers is responsible for dissemination of the Code as well as subsequent updates and monitoring compliance thereof.

Adherence to this Code is the responsibility of each and every associate. It is administered uniformly throughout the Bank and is independent of the practices of other banks. It is a condition for continuous employment. Any breach of this Code may result in disciplinary action ranging from reprimand to termination of employment, depending on the gravity of the offense, after the observance of due process.

All employees are required to adhere to and uphold the tenets of the Code of Conduct and to report any violation thereof to a more senior officer, the Security Department, the Internal Audit Division or the Human Resources Group.

The Code of Conduct is divided as follows:

  • Treatment of Clients

    As a service-oriented organization, all employees are expected to provide consistent, excellent and reliable service to both internal and external clients. The Bank adopts and trains its associates to abide by the following Service Formula:

    Preparation + Interaction + Follow-through = Service Beyond Expectations

  • Treatment of Bank Assets

    All employees are mandated to protect the Bank's assets and to use the same for authorized business purposes only. Guidelines for the Treatment of Bank Assets is divided into four (4) major categories: (1) Proprietary Information; (2) Bank Funds and Property; (3) Bank Records; and (4) Goodwill and Reputation.

  • Treatment of Others

    Living out the Bank's Core Values in day-to-day interaction with colleagues assures a work environment that is harmonious, productive, work inspiring, healthy and safe, free from discrimination, harassment and intimidation. Attitudes and behavior that undermine this goal hampers productivity and discourages meritorious performance, thus, are not tolerated.

    This section also includes the Bank's Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy, including the procedure for investigation and resolution of complaints involving sexual harassment.

  • Conflict of Interests

    The Bank's policy on conflict of interests is simple - Do not compete with or unduly benefit from RCBC or any of the Yuchengco Group of Companies and never let business dealings on behalf of RCBC be influenced by personal or family interests.

  • Knowledge, Understanding and Compliance

    All employees must ensure understanding of and compliance with all Bank policies and Philippine laws directly affecting his/her employment.

Code of Discipline

Breach of the Code of Conduct is subject to the Code of Discipline which sets forth the types of penalties which may range from reprimand, warning, suspension without pay, termination or dismissal from employment, payment, demotion and/or reduction of pay/benefits, and permanent transfer depending on whether the type of offense is minor, serious, or grave. There are specific penalties attached to specific offenses.

Note: The standards of conduct for the Board of Directors is set forth separately in the Bank's Corporate Governance Manual.