For the OFW

No Initial Deposit/No Maintaining Balance

OFWs who open payroll account/s with RCBC are not obliged to give an initial deposit to open an account nor keep a maintaining balance to keep their account active.

No Interbranch/Interregional Withdrawal Charges

RCBC waives charges for interbranch or interregional over-the-counter withdrawals for all TeleMoney peso and dollar accounts.

No Holding Period for Dollar Allotment

While other banks require a certain holding period for dollar allotment, RCBC TeleMoney accountholders can enjoy their hard-earned money at once since they can withdraw the dollar funds as soon as it is credited to the account.

Allotment with SMS Notification

With the SMS notification, remitting and receiving becomes totally hassle-free since both OFWs and beneficiaries need not bother to call or check on the status of remittance. The accountholder will automatically get a free SMS notification alerting them of the payroll credit. RCBC TeleMoney makes sure that the whole process of remitting is made convenient for those involved, from start to finish.

MasterCard ATM

MasterCard is a worldwide trademark that is recognized anywhere in the world. Therefore, funds may be withdrawn via any Megalink ATM machine, and funds will be dispensed depending on the currency of that particular country accountholder is in. The card can also serve as a debit card to make online purchases. Upon earning an ADB of Php 10,000, the account automatically earns interest as well.

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