Q: How do I enroll in RCBC Online-Corporate (ROC)?
A: You can enroll in RCBC Online-Corporate by visiting the new accounts section of your branch. Just ask for the Customer Relationship Officer to provide you with the RCBC Corporate Internet Banking Enrollment Form, Secretary's Certificate/Board Resolution, and RCBC Corporate Internet Banking Service Agreement. Kindly accomplish these forms and submit to your branch. Alternatively, your Relationship Manager can also assist you in enrolling to ROC.
Q: How can I go to the login page of RCBC Online-Corporate?
A: Please visit www.rcbc.com and select RCBC Online-Corporate to proceed to the login page.
Q: What browsers can be used for ROC?
A: ROC is best viewed with any of the following browsers (minimum):
  • Google Chrome version 29

  • Mozilla Firefox version 12

  • Internet Explorer version 7

  • Microsoft Edge version 9

  • Opera version 11

  • Safari version 9

For the most optimized experience, we encourage you to upgrade to any of these browsers. While system may run on lower version of these browsers, some technical difficulties maybe encountered.

Q: What should I do if I forget my password or any of my credentials, or if my account becomes locked?
A: You may reset your own password using the "Forgot Password” online facility in ROC. The system will ask you to provide personal details which you have provided during the initial registration, for verification. Alternatively, you may also request your system administrator to unlock your account using the “Request Password Unlock” facility in ROC. Your system administrator will then be notified of your request.
Q: I already requested for reset of my password using the “Forgot Your Password” facility in ROC. How will I get my new password?
A: Upon entering the correct information, the system will automatically send a temporary password to your registered email address. You will be requested to change the temporary password upon successful login.
Q: I already requested for the unlocking of my password using the “Request Password Unlock” facility in ROC. How will I know that my account has already been unlocked?
A: Once you request for password unlocking, your System Administrator will receive a notification of your request. Upon the administrator’s approval of the request, the system will automatically send the corresponding notification to your registered email address. You may then use your current password to log in to the system.
Q: What type of accounts can be enrolled in RCBC Online-Corporate?
A: You can enroll your Savings Account and Checking Account. These accounts can be used as source of funds for your financial transactions.
You can also enroll your time deposit accounts and loan accounts in ROC. However, these accounts are only for viewing purposes and cannot be used to fund your financial transactions.
Q: Can I transfer funds to Other Banks using RCBC Online-Corporate?
A: Yes. You may transfer funds to Other Banks.
Q: If I make a fund transfer to one of my accounts, when will the payment be credited?
A: The payment will be credited online, real-time. As an added feature, you may also transfer funds on a future date and even on recurring periods.
Q: Can I transfer funds to an RCBC third-party account, i.e., my suppliers/payees?
A: Yes. Payment to your suppliers can be done through the Automatic Credit Arrangement facility in ROC. With this feature, you can easily transfer funds to the RCBC account of your suppliers. Please ensure that your suppliers’ or payees’ account numbers are enrolled in this facility so that their accounts are enabled for this type of payment.
Q: Can I perform check disbursements to my suppliers/payees?
A: Yes. Manager’s Check and Corporate Check disbursements are both available in ROC. The Manager’s Check writing facility allows you to fully outsource the processing of MC payments to your suppliers. As for the Corporate Check writing facility, you are given the flexibility to process corporate check payments either through self-service (i.e. the client preparing, printing and releasing the check) or through full outsourcing to the Bank.
Q: Can I pay for my bills using RCBC Online-Corporate?
A: Yes. You can pay your bills through Online-Corporate. Please ensure that the billers are enrolled in your account so that you can pay for them. You can choose to pay your bills immediately or on a future date.
Q: Can I process payroll using RCBC Online-Corporate?
A: Yes. You can process payroll through Online-Corporate. You can credit payroll accounts at any time, even on weekends and holidays.
Q: What other banking transactions are available in RCBC Online-Corporate?
A: Aside from standard online banking services, RCBC’s full suite of cash management products is also available in RCBC Online-Corporate. You may perform disbursements, collections, and manage your accounts and liquidity using RCBC Online-Corporate. Please see the complete list of ROC services via www.rcbc.com and clicking on RCBC Online-Corporate.