Fund Transfer

RCBC Online Banking users may perform one-time, scheduled, recurring and defined fund transfer transactions.

Destination Account Transaction Limit Fees Processing Time
Own RCBC Account No Limit Free Real-time
Other RCBC Account up to P499,999.99 per transaction Free Real-time
RCBC MyWallet up to P100,000 per month
Including cash-in done in branches & other loading partners
Free Real-time
Other Banks (via instapay) up to P50,000 per transaction P15 per transfer Real-time
Other Banks (via PesoNet) up to P499,999.99 per transaction P10 per transfer Subject to receiving bank’s processing time
Other Banks (via BancNet) up to P50,000 per transaction P27.50 per transfer 1-2 banking days

All fund transfers to other accounts are subject to RCBC Online Banking’s aggregate limit of P499,999.99 per day.

Cash In

RCBC Online Banking users may add money to their preferred virtual accounts.

Source Account Destination Account Transfer Limit Fees
RCBC Account Gcash P40,000 per month P1
RCBC Account PayMaya P50,000 per month No Fees

Bills Payment

RCBC Online Banking users can settle monthly bills to proprietary and Bancnet billers. Paying of bills are free in RCBC Online Banking.

Bills Payment Limit
Within P500,000 of payment per day

Time Deposit Placement and Payout

RCBC Online Banking users can easily open a Time Deposit account. Payout or pre-termination can also be done for Time Deposits that are placed online.

Denomination Time Deposit Limit
PHP P5,000 – P10,000,000 per account
USD $1,000 - $200,000 per account

Checkbook Reorder

RCBC Online Banking users can request for additional checkbooks for pick-up from the client’s branch of account. Client may order up to ten (10) checkbooks.

Checkbook Reorder Fee
P240 per checkbook; auto-debit from checking account

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