Cash Express

RCBC's Cash Express is the country's first neighborhood ATM and enables everyone, both RCBC and Bancnet cardholders, to do various regular banking transactions through your friendly sari-sari store or nearby remittance center. Rather than traveling far to town to visit a bank branch or ATM, Cash Express makes it easier and more convenient for Filipinos to do their transactions at partner centers and merchants right in their own communities.



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    How do I become an accredited merchant?

    Fill out the form the Merchant Information Sheet and submit copies of the business registrations and other required documents. It will then undergo the verification process.

    Once approved, an RCBC Digital Banking Sales Manager will contact you to inform you to open an RCBC deposit account with ATM card to your preferred or nearest RCBC business center.

    Please click here to see the full list of requirements




Got Further Questions?

Our 24/7 Customer Care is ready to help and answer any inquiries you may have.

  • For Domestic Toll Free:
  • 1-800-10000-7222
  • For International Toll Free:
  • (Int. Access Code)+800-8888-7222

  • For Metro Manila Tel:
  • (02) 877-7222

Banking Guidelines

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