Receivables Services

RCBC’s Receivables Services provide your company with the experience and tools it needs to expedite the collection of receivables in timely and efficient manner, helping improve your company’s cash flow.

Deposit Pick-up

RCBC’s fleet of armored cars is dispatched to the client’s offices or outlets to pick-up funds and deposit to the client’s nominated RCBC account. This service fulfills the client’s need of having its sales collections and other funds collected in a secure and safe manner.

Bills Collection

Through this facility, billers or merchants can efficiently and conveniently collect payments from their payors/customers through RCBC’s strategically located branches nationwide, RCBC Online Retail Internet Facility, RCBC Mobile Banking and through Automated Teller Machines. Payments will be credited centrally to the biller/merchants account at the end-of-day.A daily collection report summarizing all collections received may be transmitted electronically via email or Secured File Transfer Protocol or SFTP.

Client billers/merchants may enroll through any of the following collection channels:

  • 1. Over the counter
  • 2. Internet Banking via RCBC Online Retail
  • 3. Mobile Banking
  • 4. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

PDC Warehousing

The facility is available for corporate customers who manage large volume of post-dated checks. Safekeeping or custodianship of post-dated checks are outsourced to RCBC. All checks will be safe kept in vaults and will be deposited to the customer’s RCBC account on maturity date. The status of the PDCs in RCBC custody may be viewed or monitored online through the RCBC Online Corporate (ROC) internet banking system.

Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA)

Automatic Debit Arrangement is a collection channel that can be processed through RCBC branches nationwide or through RCBC Online Corporate (ROC) internet banking facility. It facilitates the collection of bills/dues of our clients/partnered billers by automatically debiting the payor’s RCBC account enrolled in ADA Facility.

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