• Escrow Services

    RCBC can act as the neutral third party that will protect the interests of two or more contracting parties while conditions upon which the contract is contingent are being fulfilled or to protect the parties' interests in case of non-compliance to the terms of the contract.

  • Mortgage Trust Indenture (MTI)

    RCBC can act as an intermediary between a borrower and its creditors in the administration of a single property or a pool of properties securing the loans of the borrower. Under this arrangement, the borrower assigns or encumbers the properties to RCBC (as mortgage trustee) as collateral for present and future loans. RCBC in turn issues mortgage participation certificates to the creditors certifying their proportionate share in the security coverage. This arrangement allows the borrower to maximize the value of available collaterals and reduce costs incidental to the mortgage process.

  • Facility / Loan Agency

    RCBC can oversee the timely and organized implementation of the terms and conditions of a loan arrangement between a borrower and its creditors. This includes assistance in finalizing the loan documentation, handling of loan drawdowns, interest rate setting, monitoring of amortization schedules and distribution of financial statements of the borrower to the creditors.

  • Stock Transfer Agency

    RCBC can perform the function of ascertaining, verifying and recording the ownership and transfer stocks of a corporation. This includes the issuance and cancellation of stock certificates to a company's shareholders, the payment of cash and stock dividends, processing of stock rights and stock splits and preparation of regulatory reports required by the company.


Investments in trust and other fiduciary products or services made through RCBC - Trust and Investments Group (RCBC-TIG) are not deposits and are not guaranteed, issued or insured by RCBC or its affiliates or subsidiaries. These investments are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to the nature of the investments, yields cannot be guaranteed. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of future results. Any income or loss is for the account of the trustor/investor. The Trustee is not and shall not be liable for any losses of the investment, except those resulting from willful default, bad faith or gross negligence.


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RCBC Trust is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For inquiries and more details, please call Trust and Investment Group - Marketing Division at (632) 894-90949, (632) 894-9870, (632) 894-9006 or (632) 878-3315 to 16 or visit any RCBC branch.

Rizal Unit Investment Trust Funds
As of Tue, January 28, 2020
Rizal Peso Money Market Fund 1.600074
RCBC Peso Short Term Fund 1.548700
Rizal Peso Cash Management Fund 1.124475
Rizal Peso Bond Fund 2.001995
Rizal Balanced Fund 2.041841
Rizal Equity Fund 3.694051
RCBC R25 Blue-Chip Equity Fund 0.914294
RCBC R25 Dividend Equity Fund 0.902727
Rizal Dollar Money Market Fund 1.406535
Rizal Dollar Bond Fund 1.767294